Tigers Earthtrust

Earthtrust prides itself in tackling some of the worlds most ‘impossible conservation and environmental initiatives. Having conducted its first land-based programme in 1989 (after being active for about a decade in marine initiatives), Earthtrust has continued to grow, becoming one of the most effective conservation projects on the globe.

Protecting tigers is of utmost importance to Earthtrust and was the initial motivation for the establishment of this organisation. However, their initiatives now include the conservation of other endangered species; such as whales, dolphins and rhinoceroses. Since its establishment, Earthtrust has worked hard to establish contacts and an effective network all over the world, particularly in Asia.

Earthtrust is an active participant in a number of conferences that take place all over the world. This has contributed to its being known earth-wide for the huge impact that Earthtrust has made to the preservation and protection of endangered species.

Notably, Earthtrust was one of the founding members of the Species Survival Network (SSN). This organisation is an international one that facilitates the bringing together of a number of wildlife entities with the common aim of formulating strategies to protect the fauna and flora in their respective areas.

For those wanting to help Earthtrust, the following options are available:

.Donate money directly to them. Since Earthtrust in a non-profit organisation (NPO), this money will only be used for research, travelling expenses, rehabilitation, medical treatment of animals, and so on. Even a small donation can make a big difference and is always accepted with gratitude.
.Donate equipment or stock items that may be of use to the conservation initiatives of Earthtrust. These could include computers, cameras, medication, protective clothing, education equipment, etc...
.Purchase Marine Art from various artists that officially contribute their work for this cause.
.Donate frequent flyer miles to enable researchers to travel to areas around the world for conservation purposes.

.Provide your professional skills to Earthtrust free of charge.
.Participate in the internship programmes available.
.Organise various fundraising events.

For more information, see www.earthtrust.org. Alternatively, Earthtrust can be contacted at:

1118 Maunawili Road
Kailua, HI 96734 USA
Tel: (415)662-32649