Tiger Conservation Groups

Tiger conservation groups have been put in place to facilitate the ongoing efforts being made to protect these spectacular animals. Such organisations are situated all around the world, but are more concentrated in the areas in which tigers are found in the wild; namely China, India, Russia and Southeast Asia.

There are a number of very well known groups, such as the World Wildlife Federation (or WWF), that invest millions of dollars into conservation projects. Then, there are far smaller initiatives that are being conducted on more local scales, which also accomplish much in the way of conservation. Both large and small-scale efforts are crucial to the survival of the tigers, since the threats that they face are manifold and intense.

Some of the main organisations include:

The Save the Tiger Fund-Panthera Partnership (www.panthera.org/programs/tiger/save-tiger-fund)
The Save the Tiger Fund and Panthera are two separate organisations that have recently joined forces for the good of the worlds wild tigers. By combining their strengths, influence and experience, the STF-Panthera Partnership promises to be a most influential one. Because most tigers die as a result of poaching and hunting, this organisation focuses on the stopping of such activities, by whatever legal means are available to them. Their proven track records lend both of these entities significant sway in the sphere of tiger conservation.

The Corbett Foundation (www.corbettfoundation.org)
The Corbett Foundation, or TCF, was established in 1994 by Mr Khatau, who was the owner of a very powerful business group, The Khatau Business House. Although associated with textiles, he felt a strong passion for the preservation of nature, particularly tigers. TCF is aimed at promoting environmental awareness, implementing sustainable eco-development, educating and uplifting local communities and the effective management of wildlife conservation. By adopting such an inclusive and cohesive approach to protecting the tigers, TCF ensures a longer-term solution to a very real problem.

Big Cat Rescue (www.bigcatrescue.org)
This sanctuary, established in 1992, is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of all of the big cat species that have been abused, orphaned or abandoned. Many of these animals also come from circuses, in which they were required to perform. In addition to homing and caring for these animals, the Big Cat Rescue team is also committed to educating people about these animals and their value to us. This organisation is not only concerned with the animals within their own confines, but also those tigers (and other big cats) in the wild.

Other notable conservation groups for tigers include:

.Asian Conservation Awareness Programme (ACAP)
.Care for the Wild
.The David Shepherd Conservation Foundation
.Defenders of Wildlife
.Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
.The Fund for the Tiger
.Global Tiger Forum
.Global Tiger Patrol
.Hornocker Wildlife Institute
.India Tiger Trust
.Isle of Wright Zoo
.ISIS.International Species Inventory System
.IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group
.IUCN/SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG)
.Love for Tigers
.Minnesota Zoo
.Oakland Zoo
.PERC - Pacific Environment and Resources Center
.Phoenix Fund
.Project Tiger
.Ranthambhore Foundation
.Save China's Tigers
.Shambala and the Roar Foundation
.Sierra Club Tiger Volunteers
.Thunderhawk Enterprises
.The Tiger Foundation
.Tiger Missing Link Foundation
.Tiger Territory
.Tigers in Crisis
.Tigris Foundation
.Wild Aid
.The Wildlife Conservation Society
.Wildlife Institute of India
.Wildlife Trust of India
.WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature
.Zoological Society of London: 21st Century Tiger