Panthera Organisation

Panthera is a relatively new organisation, having been established in 2006. In less than a decade, it has become the largest dedicated funder of wild cat conservation programmes the world over. Some of the most effective and well-known projects that are the brainchildren (or direct results) of Panthera include the Tigers Forever Programme, the Himalayan Tiger Corridor, Project Leonardo, the Jaguar Corridor, and the Snow Leopard Initiative.

Panthera has managed to get leading cat experts from around the world to collaborate and share their knowledge, ideas and resources to protect and conserve the cats on our precious planet.

They have also used the fact that celebrities (such as Glenn Close) support their initiative to their advantage; using her as a spokeswoman in some cases. Their efforts extend beyond tigers, and include about 37 different wild cat species. Educating the public is a very big part of this effort, and educational programmes are used extensively.

To date, Panthera has been actively involved in the preservation of tigers and their wild cat peers in many spheres. As an organisation, Panthera opened the Hukaung Valley Tiger Reserve; the largest tiger reserve in Myanmar, Southeast Asia. The Tigers Forever programme is a result of Panthera's pairing with the Wildlife Conservation Society and focuses entirely on alleviating (and, optimally, completely eradicating) the most severe and urgent threats that tigers face currently.

These threats include loss of habitat, poaching, loss of natural prey and urbanisation. Tigers Forever is working throughout Asia to accomplish their goals with regard to tiger conservation.


Some of the key activities undertaken by Tigers Forever are securing safe habitats that are patrolled and protected in which tigers can live and breed without human threat, monitoring tiger populations to ensure that their conservation efforts are effective, educating local people as to the importance of tiger conservation and helping them to live in a way that protects both themselves and the tigers, and protecting the available habitats of the tigers.

Panthera has enjoyed enormous success in its many programmes and efforts; even enforcing protective legislation for tigers. Their research has been of huge importance within the spheres of tiger education and implementing effective strategies. Any monetary donations are welcome, and donors are assured that 100% of the amount donated goes towards the preservation of tigers, and is not used for the financial gain of an individual.

For more information, please visit or contact Panthera on email ([email protected]) or telephone (+ 1 (646) 786-0400).