21st Century Tiger


21ST Century Tiger is a partnership between The Zoological Society of London and Global Tiger Patrol. It was established in 1997 with the overall aim of protecting tigers within their natural habitats to prevent their imminent extinction.

21st Century Tiger is set apart from many similar organisations by the fact that the full 100% of funds raised through various means is donated to wild tiger projects. This money is raised by various zoos, socially responsible corporate entities and donations from the public.

Today, this organisation is supporting more than 60 projects in eight countries all over the world. Just some of these projects are:

.Phoenix (Russia) . various anti-poaching and awareness initiatives
.FFI (Sumatra) . investigating wildlife trade and engaging in anti-poaching projects
.WCS (India) - engaging local businesses in the conservation of tigers
.ZSL (Sumatra) . facing the oil palm problem, conducting anti-poaching initiatives, and encouraging tiger-friendly carbon trading
.IFAW (China) - education and awareness
.Freeland (Thailand) . training of game rangers in Pang Sida
.EIA (India) . fighting, by all means, the Asian trade in big cats.

India, Sumatra and Russia receive extra, long-term attention from 21st Century Tiger, since these are the natural homelands of wild tigers.

When a particular tiger project approaches 21st Century Tiger for support, they will be investigated extensively to ensure that their various practices, ideals and foundations are sound and in line with the principles of 21st Century Tiger.

Projects need to have scientific value, contributing to the sphere of research, and should use local staff and suppliers wherever possible.

There are several ways in which the public as well as corporations can support 21st Century Tigers in raising funds. These include:

.Buying branded goods (calendars, books, lamps, ornaments, and so on)
.Sending specific 21st Century Tiger e-cards
.Donating cash - this goes towards travel expenses, medical supplies, ranger salaries, communication devices, and so on. Everything purchased will be for the overall conservation and protection of tigers.
.Organising fund-raising events and donating the money directly to 21st Century Tiger.
.Donating in someone elses name as a gift to them.

21st Century Tigers has a range of different certificates for the zoos that generously support their cause. These zoos may actively participate in rescue missions or observation initiatives; or they could simply home and rehabilitate tigers (as well as other endangered species). In addition, some zoos conduct very important research to improve understanding and increase the tigers chances of survival as a direct result.

Certificates are given to any zoo that has raised over £500 to date (also available in other currencies). Although these are usually granted to zoos, they can be granted to any donor. The new certificates will be issued in:

Bronze: £500 - £1000
Silver: £1001 - £2500
Gold: £2501 - £5000
Platinum: £5001 and above

For more information, or to see how you can contribute to this worthy cause, see www.21stcenturytiger.org